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submissions open!

 Issue Three: WAVE


  1. We look for submissions of prose (fiction/nonfiction/memoir), poetry, and visual art. We welcome submissions from artists and writers of all backgrounds, ages 13-24 (This rule isn't strict, so feel free to submit and notify us if you fall out of this age range). 

  2. Please use the linked Google Form for general submissions AND our monthly metaphor contest. There will be a spot to indicate if your submission is for the contest or not.

  3. We accept previously published work and simultaneous submissions. If your work has been previously published, it is your responsibility to ensure that the piece can be featured in multiple publications.

  4. Work must be original. Any submission created from AI or plagiarized will be immediately rejected.

  5. Submissions expressing anything homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, etc. sentiments will be immediately rejected. 

  6. If your piece contains sensitive topics, please indicate this in your submission. If you have questions regarding the content of your piece, reach out to with your inquiry.

  7. If accepted, we ask for first North American serial and electronic rights. All rights return to the author after publication.

  8. If the form doesn't work for whatever reason, feel free to email us with your submission at . Please format the subject line as follows: [GENRE] SUBMISSION- [TITLE OF WORK]. Please include a short bio no longer then 100 words.

  9. If you are accepted to publication of our first issue, you are welcome to submit to the next issue.

Genre Specifications

  1. Poetry: Send up to three pieces in .docx or .pdf. We accept all forms (e.g. free-verse, prose, lyrical). 

  2. Prose: Send up to two pieces in .docx or .pdf. Maximum of 3000 words in each piece. We accept all forms (e.g. creative-nonfiction, flash-fiction, short story).

  3. Art: Send up to three pieces in png, jpg, and jpeg. We accept all mediums (e.g. digital, mixed media, painting).

pretty nostalgia childhood


What washes over us?

Throughout our childhood, there are small moments that are fleeting—constantly washing over us. Think about a memory like the life cycle of a wave. The memory heightens as it approaches the shore. Its dissipation as it crashes onto the water surface. Then, the shoreline recedes. In this Issue, we want you to explore your childhood memories in the form of a wave. The moment, the aftermath, the reflection. 


Fleeting Daze offers free feedback/comments for ANY submission, provided by our amazing editors! You may request feedback on the Google Form. Our Feedback turnaround time is up to 12 weeks after the time of submission. We will still send your accept/reject within 24 hours, but the feedback will come later. If you submit more then one work for consideration, only one piece will be selected to receive feedback. You may also request a specific piece to recieve feedback in the "Questions/Concerns" section of the form. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

As of right now: Our turnaround time is 24 hours. We will strive to send a response about whether your work has been accepted/rejected within one day of your submission. However, we kindly ask your understanding if your response is delayed.

*Fleeting Daze strives to preserve the integrity of every work we publish. However, we do reserve the right to make basic edits for typography errors.

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