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Dear Readers,


How do we reflect on the phases in our lives? When do we begin to understand ourselves? When do we realize that our lives, running in circles, is inevitable?


In Issue II, we want to explore these moments when we feel stuck in a cycle—a period of time where we struggle to understand the lack of change in ourselves. Whether we find ourselves appreciating a vivid depiction of a Bicolano mythology in Cathleen Balid’s A Rainbow of Her Own, where “sentences curve into themselves, beginnings twisted into endings.” Or you might want to take a look at Sophia Liu’s artwork Airplanes with Feathers, where she recounts her curiosity of airplanes, “likening their wings to those of birds.” 


Through the works of this issue, we appreciate all the support and care you place in our mission in embracing the brevity of youth. As you flip through each moon phase of Issue II: LUNAR, we hope these works piece together any craters in you—unraveling truths, abandoned memories, or childhood dreams.  


With lots of love,

Rosie Hong and Caroline Zhang

Editor-in-Chiefs of Fleeting Daze

Read Issue 2 here.

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