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Our mission is to provide young artists and writers everywhere a platform to amplify their voices, share their experiences, and exemplify the fleeting details of their lives that have shaped them to be who they are today. By providing contests and themes specifically related to youth, coming of age, and growing up, we aim to specifically highlight budding perspectives, recognizing the unique insight and beauty they hold.


As writers ourselves, we revere the quality of observation- of looking out the window and seeing not a backyard, but a sea of gray clouds, a broken branch, a story waiting to be told. For young artists and writers, there are few places where such detail and observation is celebrated with publication- and at Fleeting Daze, we seek to celebrate the voices that have been found and lost, giving artists and writers a platform to share their work and grow their confidence. By encouraging both art and writing submissions, we hope to bridge the gap between mediums, marrying the shared imagery, inspiration and detail that collectively bond both art forms. 


We hope to build a community of artists and writers who are present and active- creators who will be up at the crack of dawn and in the dead of night, ready to examine the details of each moment. To honor this alertness and recognize the spontaneity that often comes along with inspiration, we guarantee a 24 hour response time for all submissions.

Join us in remembering, daydreaming, reflecting. Join us in words and paint and ink, become lost in this realm of thought and inspiration. Perhaps, if you squint hard enough through the haze, you might find yourself.

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