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Warm Visions


A house with brimstone bricks— 

Architecture of a foggy cottage castle. 

An unkempt lawn with dew as free as flowing hair, a thicket,

Raptures around the house with crooked vines. Green limbs 

Dripping from rainwater, lights dimmed to candle wicks - shelves like a grand library.

The dusty air smells of old thin pages and condenses into mystery. 

Imagination is to run wild here,

Escape the claws of jagged roots.

Wash away Fear’s sweat in Steamed Shower,

This mind can soak in Copper’s spews. 

Eucalyptus and Lavender calls me, I scratch behind the ears – 

Deafen Tempest’s screeches.

Reality cannot hurt me now.

May I open my closed pores for half-an-hour – 

Skip pages from Clutter’s chapters.

I’m away from the house with white panels, 

Architecture of a box rectangle – A car tire’s 

Print on shaved lawn, driving away to steamed 

Fluorescent light and enter clear Escapism.

LUCAS LUI is a junior attending Monsignor Farrell, developing his poetry in his high school’s Writing Studio. Lucas has been awarded the Scholastic Art and Writing Silver Key in Poetry and has been featured on Brooklyn Poets’ Poem of the Day. In addition, Lucas has gained “Poet Laureate status” at his high school, writing a tribute poem each year that introduces the pages of the senior class’s annually published Memory Book. In his free time, Lucas enjoys dabbling in the fiber arts, spending time at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and interacting with animals. 

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