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how to herald the new earth


if the world should end
it would end on a friday afternoon.

i can taste the finality of daylight
like copper coins discovered in a

forgotten purse. the metallic notes
introducing itself individually to

all the pores of my skin. it is
not the wind caged in the chain

of leaves. i have traced the vectors
to their heads. it is a door stopper

between the teeth of the horizon and
the forgetful orange. i can smell

the song of the morning birds baked
along the crust of the clouds. if i

had known better i would have licked
the honey from the comb. but the bees

have made a juice from earth. i have
always pride myself as all-natural.

i dance with them until we spend
the sun. glowing. light. holy.

JEDIDIAH VINZON is studying physics at the University of Auckland. His works can be read in Tarot, Circular, and the Bitter Melon Review, with many more forthcoming. You can find him on Instagram @jayv.poetry

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