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What leaves us lost in a daze? What sticks with us—makes us long and regret? What teaches us how to love, yet destroys us all at once?


We searched for these answers in the making of Issue I: Reverie, and we are so excited to present to you the lovely work we've received in the past month. We hope it brings you joy, contemplation, remembrance—back to the times where every second was a daydream, and every passing day was a new adventure. 


With the theme of reverie, we want to highlight the perils and fears of growing older—how as we depart our youth, we struggle to understand ourselves in this new stage of our lives. We cling onto moments that make us feel heard, known, and carefree—places and people where we invented fairy tales or slime recipes with no borax. We constantly find ways to relive our childhood, but with its fleeting nature, those moments become more valuable to push us to seek new opportunities, challenges, and discover facets of our identity.


The brevity of youth teaches us how to place faith in our dreams despite momentarily losing ourselves in new environments. Iris Cai’s haunting and powerful poem “self-portrait as aphrodite” portrays this hope that “one day i’ll find me, split open— / an overripe papaya.” By appreciating our changing lives, we embrace the uncertainty of our futures—that maybe in “& / Vessels of Autumnal Ache” by Aarna Tyagi, “tomorrow runs cold, / but the sky always has something to say.” In this evocative and heartfelt piece, we understand that there is always someone waiting for you—your words, comfort, and presence. 


As Sabine Cladis puts it in the powerful and bitter narrative “Clipped Words On Her Tongue,” “language is a luxury.” As writers, our words and emotions are powerful. At Fleeting Daze Magazine, we hope you acknowledge the worth of your words, and we want to continue supporting you with more opportunities. We are so excited to release news about Issue II and a contest in the works!


For now, feel lost in exploring the works of Issue I. Here, you’ll find girls who fear leaving girlhood. Lips that refuse a language. Immigrants who yearn for the lingering sweetness of white rabbit candy. We hope you’ll unravel the truths that are lost in your head or the ache tugging your heart. Thank you for your relentless support of Issue I. 


With lots of love,

Rosie Hong and Caroline Zhang

Editor-in-Chiefs of Fleeting Daze

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