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Dear Readers,


Here it is— Home, Rewritten. Whether you are reading this in print or online, we first want to express our appreciation in your support for every step of our mission. The contests, the readings, the makings of this anthology would not be possible without our writers, artists, and you—readers. 


Created in 1992, AAPI Heritage Month celebrates the immense culture and history fostered in the AAPI community. With the growing population of the AAPI community, AAPI media has been embedded into American society and heavily influenced its culture. However, AAPI artists constantly face stigmatization and microaggression in their work, especially when Asian artists deviate from the traditional ‘Asian ideal.’ This unwelcoming environment diminishes the diverse voices representing the AAPI community, leaving the American population vulnerable to homogeneity and narrow-mindedness. As editors-in-chief stemming from an AAPI background, we felt motivated to use the platform we’ve created to uplift AAPI youth voices undermined in society. We realized that allowing Asian artists to express their heritage genuinely and candidly brings true representation that society is working towards. Through our months of research and planning, we created numerous opportunities in hopes of promoting AAPI works that reveal the nuances below Europeanized perceptions popularized by the media, as well as helping our communities explore every facet of Asian identities.


As you are reading this anthology, you may find vulnerable struggles regarding the immigrant child experience through the dynamic nature of a home. The shift from the comfort of homeland to the unfamiliarity of new environments. The transition from girl to womanhood. The molding of a tongue into a new language. The rebuilding of a home. You’ll find yourself asking—How have we shaped the home we live in? How have we rewritten it into a version, diverging from that of our parents? Through the pages of our anthology, we hope you answer these questions. We hope you acknowledge the value in these voices and appreciate the ways you shape your own homes.



Rosie Hong & Caroline Zhang

Editors-In-Chief of Fleeting Daze Magazine

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